Amy Worrall

I enjoy working on every aspect of amateur and small scale theatre, and am an accomplished lighting designer.

The Snow Queen

Grosvenor Light Opera Company, 2018

For this show, I wrote the script, as well as did lighting design. Both of those achievements I'm really proud of. While the brief for the show was to write a pantomime, and I did indeed include a gratuitous amount of terrible jokes and puns, I believe I also managed to convey an emotional story at the heart of it.

Lighting wise, I used all my own gear, since we performed in a community hall that was not set up with any form of theatre tech. With my team of helpers, we managed to accomplish a lot in a six hour get-in with no tech rehearsal!


BaNOS, 2018

My lighting design supported the Victorian London setting of the show.

Made In Dagenham

BaNOS, 2017

Many changes in mood and location, including a factory (pictured), family home, pub, cabinet office, seaside outdoor scene, and union conference.

The Gondoliers

KCL G&S, 2017

A contrast between the two acts, starting in Venice and ending in a South Pacific isle. Lots of warm outdoor colours.

Photo: Jon Lo Photography.