Amy Worrall

As of now (2018), both of these projects are in rather an unmaintained state. I'm leaving them up here for now, their future fate is uncertain...


QuickRadar is a Mac app for developers, designed to make it easy to send bug reports (Radars) to Apple. It works by screen-scraping the Apple bug reporter website, and logging in as you in order to submit a bug.

The source code is all available on GitHub, or head over to the QuickRadar site to download a binary.


Developed while I worked at Agant Ltd., AGTable is a data source for UITableView. Its main use is for tables with static content, but where cells may need to be hidden: say goodbye to subtracting one from indexPath.row when a certain condition is met!

Currently, there is little by way of documentation and no examples. Forewarned is forearmed!