Amy Worrall

Here are a selection of graphic design projects I have undertaken.

Warwick University Bell Ringing Society flyers

September 2013


The above images show the front and back of the A5 flyers we produced to encourace new freshers to join the Bell Ringing society. They were designed to be eye catching at a distance (such as when pinned up on a notice board), but also to be visually appealing up close when handed out to people.

The bright colours and slanted text help to break people's preconceptions of what bell ringing is about. Instead of a stuffy and boring tradition practiced in dismal churches, ringing can be a fun and engaging hobby, and this design stops people writing it off before they find out more.

Movement Magazine covers



I was editor of SCM's Movement magazine for issues 136 to 138. These images show two covers I created during that time.

The spec called for two inks: black plus one spot colour. The latter could be chosen from a palette of about eight colours that formed SCM's brand identity. Typically the cover of Movement would have a large black-and-white photo or image, as shown on the cover to the left. For issue 138, which had the theme 'Politics', I made a duotone image incorporating black and the red spot colour, which gave the cover a more energetic and engaging look without the luxury of full colour printing.

Opera Warwick's Ruddigore — programme



Ruddigore is a melodramatic light opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. For Opera Warwick's production, the director was emphasising the different colours of flowers which represented various characters in the show: those flowers therefore took pride of place on the publicity. In the background, a castle on a hilltop on the Cornish coast represented the ancestral home of the bad Baronets of Ruddigore.

As well as programmes, this image appeared on posters, flyers, clothing, and online advertising.

Opera Warwick's The Threepenny Opera — teaser poster


The Threepenny Opera is Brecht and Weill's take on The Beggar's Opera. This poster was used in the run up to the auditions. The text (and Opera Warwick logo) are hand-drawn in order to symbolise the low production values one would expect if beggars staged an opera.